What’s next after Barbieheimer?




Now that most of us have done the Barbie/Oppenheimer double bill – where does the cinematic year go from here? Well, fear not, because there are plenty more releases out there to enjoy. Let’s take a a brief look.

Starting with a new Superhero film – Blue Beetle is a thoroughly enjoyable action movie that really is good fun for all the family – and that’s a key element of the film. The Blue Beetle is an alien piece of tech that has fallen from its home planet onto Earth. It winds up in the hands of Jamie Reyes, and instantly turns him into a superhero – right in front of his family! There’s lots of smashy, crashy, bangy stuff going on, but it’s great entertainment. 

Scrapper is a new British comedy-drama about a young 12-year-old girl making her own way through life in the East End of London, following the death of her mother. When Dad, who has been missing since she was born, turns up, things have to change. Watching the gradual growth of the relationship between the two is a real joy. The film also has a lot to say about how young people in our cities are being treated in this day and age. Thoroughly recommended.  

For those who like something a bit darker, watch out for several new horror films coming your way this August.  Good Boy is about a man who has a pet dog – who is a man! Mother, May I? is a suspenseful psychodrama about what happens when a young man tries to avoid facing up to childhood trauma. The Blackening is about a group of young people who hire a cabin in the woods and find a creepy board game to play. What could go wrong?

If you haven’t caught them yet – both Gran Turismo and Meg 2: The Trench are good fun. Gran Turismo is the true story of a PlayStation gamer who gets the chance to race real cars on real tracks in real races. Beautifully shot and filmed.  In Meg 2, Jason Statham gets to punch a prehistoric shark – what more could anyone want.

Just also wanted to mention the fact that while the kids are still on school holidays you might want to treat them and yourselves to some wonderful nostalgia. Disney is 100 years old this year and is re-releasing several of their classics for the big screen. Check local listings but don’t miss out on the opportunity to view films like Bambi and Cinderella as they were originally intended to be seen.

Should you not be inclined to go out to the cinema, one online recommendation would be Mel Gibson’s new film, Bandit – the true story of a bank robber in Canada who robbed over 50 banks all over the country. One of those films where you are kind of rooting for the bad guy. 

Well that’s all folks, for now. Enjoy your movies!  

Andy Godfrey

Andy Godfrey is a speaker with Outreach UK and has been in full-time Christian work for many years. He is a founding member of the Mark Kermode Appreciation Society and has a collection of nearly 3,000 movies. He’s also an ardent Bristol City fan.

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