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Winter is fast approaching and with 339.9M views on tiktok #winterstyle is at the forefront of our minds. Lennie Law, style expert at custom fit menswear brand Spoke London shared the following five tips for creating a winter wardrobe that is both functional and stylish.

Opt for quality fabrics

There are certain fabrics you should lean towards in the winter months; merino wool and

cashmere are both luxurious to wear and practical, providing extra warmth. Investing in higher quality fabrics will mean they will last longer, becoming investment pieces you can wear for years.

Add contrast with accessories

An easy way to elevate your winter look is by adding accessories in bold colours; think gloves, hats and scarves. These can provide the much needed warmth throughout the winter months while also allowing you to show your personality. Try contrasting colours like a bright orange with a navy or black coat, or opt for neutral shades for a classic tonal look.

Layer your favourite pieces with thermals underneath

Wearing your favourite pieces all year round is good for the soul, while also being more sustainably conscious. Try adding a thermal vest under your favourite t-shirt or layering a thermal roll neck under your favourite jumper for a stylish, yet practical look.

Layering pieces can add additional interest to an outfit. It allows you to wear what is already in your wardrobe in several different ways. One of the most stylish ways to layer is to add different textures, think soft wool fabric layers with more structured cotton or leather pieces.

Add a gilet

A super on trend way to add that little bit of extra warmth without compromising on style is to add a gilet. You can opt for more sporty styles, such as a padded gilet for a casual look, or choose leather and denim styles for something more fashion forward.

Reach for textured fabrics

Brushed fabrics have raised fibres which trap air particles in between them, creating good insulation and making them a much warmer choice in the winter months. 

Cord trousers offer both style and substance, as the grooves will keep you toasty warm. They can be dressed down with a casual jumper or dressed up with a shirt, making them perfect for winter and the festive season.

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