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Brazil might be the bookie’s favourites to win the World Cup but based on squad value, England will be bringing football home for the first time since 1966. Experts at marketing firm Motive have published an online World Cup Team Value Index which highlights and compares the value of each of the 32 squads competing in Qatar. Researchers looked at every squad’s market value on Transfermarkt and calculated how the tournament would pan out based on squad values alone.

England’s squad is worth an eye-watering £1102.9m making them the only team competing for the trophy to have a value of more than one billion pounds. Brazil are tipped to be runners up with a squad value of £995.2m, while Portugal, with a value of £807.9m are forecast to take third place by overcoming Argentina, valued at £620.8m.

Despite having a squad value of £933.1m, France have been tipped to go no further than the quarterfinals where they are predicted to lose to the eventual champions, England. Researchers also ranked the teams taking part in the tournament based on squad value and compared that value with the official FIFA rankings. At the bottom end of the table are Costa Rica with a squad valued at just £16.1m and hosts Qatar, whose entire squad could be bought for £16.2m.

The England players are worth more than the entire squads of 12 nations taking part in the tournament – Canada, Wales, South Korea, Ecuador, Cameroon, Japan, Iran, Tunisia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Costa Rica. The teams from those 12 nations have a collective value of £1043.6m, that’s £59.3m less than the England squad.

Steve McComish from researchers Motive said: “If success on the football pitch were based solely on the value of the players taking part then we would see Harry Kane lifting the World Cup for England on December 18th after England defeated Brazil in the final. Looking at our World Cup Team Value Index every England fan can dream of Qatar glory and picture a triumphant team parading the trophy through Trafalgar Square in the days before Christmas. What an incredible start to the Christmas season that would be, to see England win their first major trophy since 1966.

“But sadly success on the pitch doesn’t always correlate to the value of the players involved and, as every England fan already knows all too well, dreams can quickly turn into nightmares. Even with the most expensive squad in the history of world football only the most dedicated England fan would feel entirely confident of Qatar glory.”

To read more about the World Cup Team Value Index and to look up the value of every squad competing in Qatar, please visit:

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