Sir Tom Jones OBE: “Losing someone you love is devastating.”




Marie Curie and supporters including Tom Jones, actress Alison Steadman and Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter are urging the nation to unite for a National Day of Reflection. The aim is to provide a moment to remember loved ones who have died, support those who are grieving, and connect with each other.

The third National Day of Reflection will take place on Thursday 23rd March 2023, and is organised by end-of-life charity Marie Curie. It will see hundreds of public Walls of Reflection go up across the UK where people can gather to reflect on their grief and support those who have been bereaved. A national minute’s silence will be held at midday.

The National Day of Reflection is a one of a kind opportunity to reflect on any death of a loved one, from any cause and at any time. For many it may be the only acknowledgement of their grief and gives everyone permission to take time to reflect and support one another. This year’s day is significant with the deaths of a number of public figures recently, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, showing the benefit of uniting in grief as a nation.

Marie Curie is urging schools, workplaces and communities to put up a wall as a place to celebrate the lives of loved ones by sharing memories, photos, poems, music, objects and anything else that connects them to those people. An online toolkit can be downloaded at with everything needed to prepare for 23rdMarch.

Marie Curie launched the National Day of Reflection in 2021 as a day to remember those who died during the pandemic, and support those whose grief was affected by lockdown. Over 850 organisations took part in 2022, with a number of public figures supporting including His Majesty King Charles III. Now in its third year, a series of new free online events will be held on Saturday 18th March and throughout the day on 23rd March giving people more ways to connect with others.

Events include panel discussions with faith leaders, researchers, and philosophers to discuss themes such as the role faith plays in our relationship with death and the opportunity to view best-selling psychotherapist, Julia Samuel, in conversation with special guests talking about their experience of grief.

Sir Tom Jones OBE shared: “Losing someone you love is devastating – and it’s also something almost all of us have in common. Grief can so often feel very heavy, which is why Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection is so important. It gives us all a moment in time to come together with our friends and families, to remember and celebrate the people who aren’t with us anymore.”

Marie Curie Ambassador Alison Steadman OBE explained: “I’m supporting Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection because like most people, I have experienced grief and loss, and I know what it’s like to be alone. It’s absolutely awful, and it’s sad, and we need people to talk to. That’s why this National Day of Reflection is going to be so important for everyone to share their grief, and to be able to talk.”

Marie Curie Ambassador Jim Carter OBE enthused: “I’m so pleased that once again Marie Curie is leading the National Day of Reflection. It’s wonderful seeing people across the UK, from Cornwall to the Highlands of Scotland and everywhere in-between, supporting those who are grieving and remembering those who have died. I firmly believe this Day should become a permanent fixture in our annual calendar, a chance for every one of us to pause, reflect and remember.”

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