Ever glanced at your wrist and thought, ‘Does this watch really capture the essence of my uniqueness?’

Imagine a wrist adorned not just with a mere timekeeping device, but a miniature masterpiece that resonates with your very being.  A watch that winks at you like a co-conspirator in your daily escapades, or one that whispers sophistication like a fine suitmaker on Savile Row. From the debonair dandies to the rugged enthusiasts, we’ve scoured the watch universe for timeless timepieces that match your mojo. 

The Camden Watch Company (£79+)
Ah, Camden – love it or hate it, this vibrant London borough is world-renowned for its electric charm and diverse culture. Boasting a bustling market, iconic music scene and picturesque canals, Camden has carved a niche for itself as a haven for creativity. Its rich industrial history and unique charm is at the heart of The Camden Watch Company, a small brand driven by creatives with a soft spot for the area. Each model takes inspiration from the borough itself, whether it be a collection named after the bus routes, models inspired by its railway heritage, or collaborations with Camden’s local heroes. Though the Big Smoke might not be as close to some people’s hearts as others, it’s difficult to ignore the cultural and industrial significance of this place, and for artists, creatives, and those of us who went through a teenage ‘punk phase’, a timepiece such as this really couldn’t sit closer to your heart.

Mr Jones Watches (£195+)
Far it be from us to make assumptions but, should you have made it this far into the article, perhaps it wouldn’t be a huge leap to deduce that you’re not just in the market for a watch that tells the time, but one that tells a story. Mr Jones Watches is in the business of doing just that, as luck would have it. Working from their London studio, the brand had long suspected that the functionality of one’s watch was no longer a priority (what with everyone resorting to their mobile phone for the time instead) and so reached the conclusion that they could be a touch more playful with their designs – I say ‘touch’ with a hint of sarcasm here. Their unique collection has seen them collaborate with the brightest minds and creatives of today for some utterly bonkers designs, that turn out to be quite the party trick. How hard is it really to tell the minute and hour hand apart when one is a flying saucer and the other a mischievous piglet?

Omologato® (£350+)
Boasting not just watches, but the opportunity to join a commuity of like-minded enthusiasts, British-based watchmaker Omologato® is the go-to destination for motorsport fanatics. Bringing their vision to fruition just 25 years ago, the watchmakers have since proudly partnered with world-renowned circuits such as Monza in their mission to bring high-quality yet affordable watches to people who live for the sport. Should their timeless designs and expert craftsmanship not be enough to set your heart racing, one can rest assured that part of the profit from each sale goes into supporting the sport you love. So, whether one prefers to watch Le Mans over F1, or fancies themselves a rally fan rather than a good, old-fashioned Goodwood Hill climb, one can now proudly support their sport in style – because who can really afford a Ferrari? Our top tip: British Racing Green always steals the show, old bean.

Marloe Watches (£369+)
At a farm on Sonning Common, near Reading, Oliver and Gordon and their team produce small batches of high-quality watches, all designed to celebrate the endeavours of people who make a lasting impression on the world – the adventurers, craftsmen, and visionaries, such as Donald Campbell or John Alcock. Each watch comes with a booklet retelling the backstory and how it translates into the design details. But first you have to make your mind up – each of the seven collections comes with four dial colour options and over a dozen choices of strap: various shades of silicon, leather, stainless steel. A truly personalised look. A young company – not yet ten years old –Marloe’s motto is ‘time well spent’ – a worthy aim for all of us. In a seemingly impersonal, mass-produced age, the inspiration (and the customer connection, from the reviews) will make this a watch to treasure.

Exaequo (£650+)
We’re all familiar with Salvador Dali and his renowned masterpiece, The Persistence of Memory. However, experiencing this dreamscape in person is unlikely from this side of the pond, unless you’re willing to shell out for a return ticket to Manhattan and a subway ride to the Museum of Modern Art. Yet, you might have noticed the influence of Dali’s iconic artwork resurging in recent times, allowing one to appreciate his vision even if it’s through a mere accessory. The Cartier Crash Watch has witnessed a resurgence in recent trends, gracing the wrists of numerous celebrities who proudly showcase this eye-catching piece of jewellery for their fanbase to fawn over. However, an £80,000 accessory remains a bit beyond budget for the average Joe. Enter Exaequo. It’s unlikely that you’ve come across this brand, at least not since the 1990s. The watchmaker ceased operations a few decades ago, having created timepieces that were a tad too overt in honouring Dali’s work. The silver lining in all of this is, you now get your hands on the iconic Softwatch from private sellers eager to declutter their wardrobe for a few (okay, quite a few) pennies. This vintage accessory boasts a classic design with a distinctive bezel mirroring the melting clocks depicted in Dali’s famous artwork. For enthusiasts of art and fashion-forward individuals alike, it’s difficult to compete with a vintage accessory that pays homage to one of the most iconic pieces of art in history. Compliments are virtually inevitable.

Ashleigh Townsend

Born and based in Cambridgeshire, Ashleigh splits her time between the country’s capital and her home in the countryside. Interviewing anyone and everyone from perfumers to designers, artists and authors, Ashleigh is passionate about telling people’s stories in the hope of inspiring others. She joined the Sorted team in 2024 as a contributing writer.

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