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Songwriters write the songs, but they belong to the listener! This is so true when it comes to Grammy-award winning worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman, who has been writing contemporary worship songs for the global church to sing for almost thirty years!

As he unveiled his new single Son Of Suffering Redman said: “I’m only making albums because it’s about the songs. And it’s about trying to see if I can help people talk to God and see God through song.”

Recorded live at the historic ruins of the Catholic Mission San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, California, Redman has once again demonstrated his distinctive ability to integrate the old with the new. And perhaps this is what sets him apart as a writer; his industrious attention to foundational Christian belief and his undoubtable talent for expressing God-truths into singable and likeable melodies.

Son Of Suffering co-written with Aaron Moses, David Funk and Nate Moore, is a reminder that Jesus came down to earth to walk with us and meet us in our trials, in our weeping and in our earthly terrain. This same Jesus who divinely embraced his own suffering also embraces ours. This is not a distant God but one who reaches out with love, hope and understanding.

Interestingly the Season Three finale of The Chosen, a television series that gives a picture of Jesus’ life and ministry, seen through the eyes of the people who knew him, will feature a brand new video of Son Of Suffering. Filmed in collaboration with the show, this affords an incredible opportunity for thousands to not only see the story of Jesus but also hear his heart.

Son Of Suffering is the first release from Redman’s latest album Lamb Of God. Already receiving high praise from listeners worldwide, his response is, as usual, full of humility, he said: “How can these little words and a few chords mean so much? It’s just God’s blessing of music, I guess.”

Lamb Of God will be reviewed by Sue Rinaldi in the next edition of Sorted Magazine.

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Sue Rinaldi

Sue travels nationally and internationally as a concert artist, worship co-ordinator, speaker and creative consultant. A self-confessed info junkie and movie enthusiast, her interest in culture, justice, technology and the future fuels her living and writing.

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