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Digital Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to welcome Rev Andy March as our Guest Writer. Todays’ post is a short extract from Andy’s new book Wonder: An Advent and Christmas Collection – Halwill Publishing.

Rev Andy March writes: I once heard a story about a cockney from the East End of London who had a real dilemma because he was in love with two very beautiful women. And he couldn’t decide. One was called Sharon, and she was blonde and very beautiful, and the other was called Maria, and she was a brunette and also very beautiful. He wasn’t a churchgoer, but not knowing whether it was Sharon or Maria, he thought: “Well, I’ll go into a church and pray.” So, he went into a local Catholic Church and he knelt down by the altar and he said to the Lord, being a Cockney East Ender, he said: “’oom shall I ‘ave?” And he looked up, and he looked at the stained-glass window and he saw in gold letters: Ave Maria!

Mary remains a source of great fascination, devotion and inspiration for art and literature, and yet we know so little about her. In a day and age where we love to know everything about everyone, the gospel accounts are so tantalising; frustrating, even. We know very little about these people who, after all, played such a significant part in world history.

It’s therefore so precious that Luke has recorded these glimpses into the domestic life of Mary and her most famous son, Jesus. In fact, at the beginning of the Gospel Luke writes: “I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account” (v3). It is likely that Luke chapters one and two were based on Mary’s own reminiscences, giving us a wonderful insight into the domestic life of Mary and her relatives.

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