Porsche Taycan GTS: “An exceptional electric vehicle redefining industry standards”




The Porsche Taycan GTS saloon is a stunning four-door electric sports car with a sleek and aerodynamic design. Moreover, its lightweight construction makes for an outstanding driving experience.

Under the bonnet, the Porsche has a dual-motor setup that unleashes 590 horses. This enables the electrified sports car to sprint to the hallowed 62mph in 3.7 seconds and on to 155 mph. The Taycan also has an official range of 313 miles, which is more than enough for most UK drivers.

The interior of the German-made car is as impressive as the outside. The cabin is spacious and luxurious, with high-end materials and finishes. The dashboard features a clean, uncomplicated design, with a central touchscreen display controlling most functions. The Taycan GTS saloon also vaunts a premium sound system and climate control.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Taycan is its handling. The car is incredibly agile and responsive, with precise steering and excellent grip, thanks partly to all-wheel drive. The GTS also features Porsche’s Active Suspension Management system, which adapts to real-time road conditions to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, the saloon’s regenerative braking system helps improve handling, slowing the vehicle down quickly and smoothly.

Safety is a top priority for Porsche. Therefore, the Taycan GTS has advanced safety features that keep you and your passengers as looked after as possible. These include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and a 360-degree camera system.

It is an environmentally friendly vehicle that produces zero emissions during operation. This makes the sports car a better transport option for our planet than traditional petrol-powered vehicles. The Porsche also has various charging options, allowing you to charge it at home, work, or a public charging station.

The Taycan GTS is an exceptional electric vehicle redefining industry standards. Its streamlined design, intense performance, luxurious interior, and advanced features make it a top purchase if you insist on electrified performance and luxury.

Fast Facts – Porsche Taycan GTS, as tested:

  • Max speed: 155 mph
  • 0-62 mph: 3.7 secs
  • Electric Range: 313 miles
  • Battery/Motor: 93.4kWh/2x e-motor
  • Max. power (PS): 590
  • CO2: 0 g/km
  • Price from: £110,200 On the Road

All Photos: Courtesy of Porsche Taycan GTS

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