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Christians in several communities in Pakistan have come under attack from angry mobs this week after two teenagers were accused of allegedly desecrating a Quran. Christian leaders and others said it was a false accusation.

Nearly 30 churches were attacked, some being completely destroyed as hundreds of Bibles and Christian literature was burned. At least 100 homes were destroyed or burgled leaving thousands of people displaced, with many fleeing for their lives.

In response, Christian charity Help The Persecuted has a field ministry team on the ground in the worst affected areas around Faisalabad providing immediate practical and spiritual support.

“I saw the situation from the main street to the end of the houses – the attackers not only burned the churches and burned the houses, but they stole everything from the houses. Everyone on the streets is crying in complete shock. We are coming alongside many Christians impacted by these attacks praying with them and providing emergency help for them,” said local Pastor Rachid who is a member of Help The Persecuted’s Field Ministry Team.

The charity’s CEO Joshua Youssef added: “The attack on Christians in Pakistan this week has been heart-breaking. What we are witnessing is the result of oppressive apostasy laws that have enabled unsubstantiated allegations to lead to mob attacks on churches and Christian homes.

“I’m grateful for our Help The Persecuted team in country coming alongside those who have been targeted – providing immediate practical help and the hope of the Gospel. We need to be in prayer for the church in Pakistan and for our team on the ground.”

In the coming days and weeks Help The Persecuted plans to provide food, shelter, medical and pastoral care as well as help to rebuild and repair the homes and churches of Christians who’ve been forced to flee.

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