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Confession time – I am and always will be a massive fan of Les Misérables. I have over 12 different recordings and have seen the stage show 11 times. I love it. The story, the power of the music, the stunning visuals. It’s perfect, but, and it’s a BIG BUT, I really don’t like the film. Which is a shame.

Miscast! You will never convince me Russell Crowe can sing! With added dialogue and a pointless new song the movie never hit the heights of the stage show for me. But if it did hit the right notes for you then you have the chance to relive it all over again this February as it’s being re-released in glorious 4k! Maybe a good one for Valentine’s Day?

Talking of music, look out for a new pic of Bob Marley, also out on Valentine’s Day. Bob Marley: One Love is an intimate look at the great man’s life and is certainly worth going to see.

Sticking with the romantic theme a film that I loved is The Taste of Things. A film about cooking in an 18th-century French Manor may not sound that exciting but trust me this is an exhilarating experience.

The Oscars take place in March so now is your chance to view some of the nominated films. American Fiction has Jeffrey Wright playing an author whose high-brow books aren’t selling well, so he writes a trashy novel just for the sake of it. Guess what? It becomes a hit.

The Zone of Interest is a terrifying, horrifying take on the story of Auschwitz from a point of view we’ve never seen before. The film takes us in the home of the commandant, and we watch him and his children picnic and party while unspeakable horrors are unfolding on the other side of the garden fence. Chilling.

Madame Webb is a new all-action comic book movie and Gassed up a new low-budget British crime thriller worth your time.

Lots of classics, apart from Les Mis, are returning to the cinema this month. Among them Notting Hill, Blade Runner (The Final Cut), Interstellar and Dune. For a treat for the kids look out for Migration, like Chicken Run but with ducks, is good fun for the little ones.

Finally, being released on streaming services, look out for Head Count. I gave this unusual Tarantino-style thriller four stars and was very entertained.

I hope you enjoy your trips to the cinema whatever you see and remember to dream the dream. That’s all folks!

Main Photo Credit: Luis Quintero via Pexels

Andy Godfrey

Andy Godfrey is a speaker with Outreach UK and has been in full-time Christian work for many years. He is a founding member of the Mark Kermode Appreciation Society and has a collection of nearly 3,000 movies. He’s also an ardent Bristol City fan.

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