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The Honda Jazz has been around for donkey’s years – in fact, it’s been on the UK’s roads since 1982.

That has given the Japanese giant some serious time to perfect it – and the latest one is the best yet.

It is not the best-looking car ever made, with its boxy bonnet and protruding front bumpers, but it’s cutesy-cuddly and looks like the sort of car you’d just like to give a big hug.

There is no choice when it comes to powertrains. Indeed, there’s only one: a self-charging hybrid with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine which, when combined with its electric motor, produces 109PS.

There is no shortage of choice regarding trims, though, with five to choose from.

I tested the high-up-the-range EX Style. Zero to 62mph takes 9.5 seconds, which isn’t amazing, but then for a fairly small family car, you don’t need much more.

The engine cuts in and out automatically as and when needed, maximising all-electric driving and therefore helping the fuel economy figures, which sit at 61.4mpg. Just 105g/km of CO2 is emitted in the process.


The Jazz is supremely comfortable, too, boasting one of the best rides in its class. But that does mean the handling is a little bit dumbed-down.

For most people’s needs, it’s fine, but thrill-seekers won’t find it memorable. Plus, it’s pretty tall compared with its competitors, which doesn’t help with the body roll in the bends. As a result, you’ll likely get more out of it around a town centre than testing its limits on a B-road.

Inside, the Jazz is very nice. Granted, the cabin is nothing special, but the odd touch of silver trim in places, such as on the steering wheel and around the gear lever, brightens things up sufficiently to make all the difference. The materials don’t feel cheap, either.

The infotainment system isn’t great, lacking the sharp, high-resolution graphics you’d expect nowadays. I have used worse, but most of its rivals have superior systems.

At least in this test car, plus the lower EX trim, you get additional USB sockets to charge your phones and tablets.


As already mentioned, the Jazz’s body is relatively high up, so the driving position is too, which helps with visibility.

There is a lot of space, so even the tallest of drivers won’t struggle for comfort, while the rear impresses, too, offering decent leg and headroom.

The Jazz also feels quite broad, so three passengers in the rear are doable, plus there’s plenty of storage space inside, including two glove compartments.

The boot is reasonably spacious for a small car, offering 304 litres of room, expanding to 1,205 litres with the rear seats folded away. Meanwhile, the Jazz provides considerable flexibility regarding the seat arrangements, which you won’t find in its rivals.

Honda has a decent reputation for reliability, too, offering a three-year warranty, although the hybrid system gets a separate five-year, 90,000-mile guarantee.

The Jazz was awarded a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating and comes with automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist and traffic sign recognition on all models.

Overall, the Honda Jazz is top of the tree when it comes to practicality, helped further still by its versatile seating arrangements.

It is not much of a driver’s car, and the infotainment system is a bit basic, but the flip side is a comfortable ride, along with excellent fuel economy and emissions figures.

Fast Facts – Honda Jazz (1.5i-MMD in EX Style trim) as tested:

Max speed: 109 mph

0-62 mph: 9.5 secs

Fuel economy: 61.4 mpg (WLTP)

Engine layout: 1.5-litre four-cylinder with electric motor

Max. power (PS): 109

CO2: 105 g/km

Price: £27,050

Main Photo Credit: Courtesy of Honda Jazz

Tim Barnes-Clay

Tim Barnes-Clay is Sorted Magazine’s Motoring Editor. He test-drives the latest cars and attends new vehicle press launches around the world. The dad-of-three has a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism and has been a presenter and producer at ITV Central. He has also worked as a radio reporter and undertakes video and voiceover work. You can follow and interact with Tim on Instagram @tbarnesclay

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