Mitchell Group: Your Guide to Winter Motoring




Take a look at this quick guide to maintaining your vehicle in the colder months from the motoring experts at Mitchell Group.

De-icing your vehicle

Plan ahead – it could take time to defrost your car.

Take care to defrost all the windows and not just the windscreen.

Check your wipers are not frozen to the windscreen by attempting to lift them up. Turning your wipers on when they are frozen could lead to burning out the motor.

Spray de-icer over all the frozen areas and clear with an ice scraper. Ensure you carry de-icer and a scraper with you for all onward journeys.

Never pour boiling water from the kettle on your car.

Top up your engine coolant with anti-freeze.

Anti-freeze is an essential component of engine coolant, which works to maintain the temperature of your engine. Ensure you maintain a ratio of 50% water to 50% anti-freeze.

Keep your car clean

Cold weather conditions will mean you need to clean your vehicle regularly. For optimum visibility ensure your lights are clean. It is required by law that your number plates are clean and visible.

Check your tyre pressure

Ensure you check your tyre pressure as a cold snap can reduce your PSI.

Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct PSI for your vehicle.

Check you are up to date with servicing

Ensure your vehicle is maintained and ready for the winter months by way of regular servicing. If you are unsure of when your next service is due Mitchell customers can call our customer care team on 0151 347 5555. Stay safe, we’re here for you and your car.

Main photo credit: Josh Hild via Unsplash

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