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To help us choose a long lasting Christmas tree Sorted Magazine asked Chris Bonnet, the founder of Gardening Express for his top tips “If you want your tree to look the best then it’s worth doing a few checks to get the best value for your money. Don’t base your selection just on looks, as some trees that look green and lively may actually be drying already, and keep in mind that some sellers also paint their trees.”

Chris suggests that it’s a good idea to measure how much space you have available and choose a tree to fit, taking into account the tree topper and stand. Look at the colour of the tree, the greener the better. Avoid trees with grey or brown colouring. Check that the needles are flexible; tough needles that snap easily are the first sign of a dying tree. Check if the needles are shedding by running your hands through the branches or tapping on the trunk of the tree. Keep in mind that some shedding of needles is expected, especially with the warmer climate this year, but if lots are falling off then you may want to consider a fresher tree. Pines and firs are considered more family friendly as they have softer needles, whereas spruces have a strong distinctive pine scent. A tree which has been kept in partial shade will adjust better to the indoors because it’s been protected from sunlight.

And Chris’s final tip? He said: “Alternatively, people can save themselves the trouble and buy their Christmas tree online from us at Gardening Express and get it delivered straight to their door!”

Main photo credit: Daria Shatova Unsplash

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