According to that famous pair of songwriters June is bursting out all over. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see about that. In the meantime, cinema fans can expect some real treats this month. Here’s a brief round-up of what to expect in June.

Bad Boys: Ride or die stars Will Smith (pictured above) and Martin Lawrence. This time they are on a mission to clear the name of their captain whose been framed for selling drugs. Expect plenty of quick-fire action.

The Crow is a fictional anti-hero character and the protagonist of The Crow comic book series, originally created by American artist James O’Barr in 1989. An undead vigilante is brought back to life by a supernatural crow to avenge the murder and death of his fiancée. There have been several films plus a short-lived television series in this franchise.

When Pixar released Inside Out in 2015 it was an instant hit. The film imagined that there are various little people inside our heads controlling our emotions and guiding our actions. Focusing on a little girl called Riley who is uprooted and moved to a new area it was a literal roller coaster. Now Pixar brings us the sequel. Riley is now a teenager and going through all the things teenagers go through. Should be good.

The Bike Riders is a film about bike riders and it does what it says on the tin. Over the course of a decade, we follow a Midwestern motorcycle club as it evolves from a gathering place for local outsiders to a sinister gang, threatening the original group’s way of life. Kind of Kindness is a comedy telling three different stories that revolve around one man trying to take control of his life.

A Quiet Place has to be one of the most anticipated films of the year. Day one finally arrives, as do the aliens who bring so much devastation on earth.

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Andy Godfrey

Andy Godfrey is a speaker with Outreach UK and has been in full-time Christian work for many years. He is a founding member of the Mark Kermode Appreciation Society and has a collection of nearly 3,000 movies. He’s also an ardent Bristol City fan.

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