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Operation Mobilisation (OM) UK, one of the world’s largest missional organisations, are calling together young Christians looking to live out God’s love to join their Race Across Europe. The unique interrailing trip invites Christians over the age of 18, to travel across Europe and share their faith.

After years of travel being limited or challenged due to Brexit and the global pandemic, Race Across Europe will provide a new way for participants to build confidence in both conversational and practical gospel sharing overseas. Race Across Europe kicks off on June 26th with registrations due to close on June 11th.

The interrailing experience will last two months, with participants to return to the UK on August 18th. Race Across Europe team members will get involved in OM’s projects in major cities across 15 countries, engaging in new cultural contexts to support different communities and share the good news of Jesus. This will include integrating themselves into the Christian community, attending new churches, participating in outreach activities and working with refugees, children and sports ministries.

Lara Jenkins, Relations Manager, OM UK, said: “OM in the UK organised this initiative to give young people the opportunity to gain confidence and be bold in the mission field and think about how to share the gospel in different and new ways. Race Across Europe aims to help young people be encouraged by their interactions with a diverse collection of people and be enriched in their faith.”

“Upon their return in August, these younger generations will have had opportunities to grow and see God working in cultures and contexts they did not know or understand much about beforehand. So, this summer, we invite young Christians to travel, share your faith, experience how God is moving in different cultures and see God grow you.”

OM’s founder, the late George Verwer, said in a 2020 interview: “Behind the whole concept was my passion for revival and seeing lives changed. Not just new Christians, but believers, too: many were lukewarm. It was on my heart for young people to grow and become mature as a result of volunteering with OM, and that’s still taking place.” OM in the UK has the same heart for young people as their founder did, and they are eager to see them grow and mature through this Race Across Europe experience.

To sign up to take part in this trip before the deadline on June 11th please visit:

Main Photo Credit: Michal Parzuchowski via Unsplash

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