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Digital Editor’s Note: I’m so pleased to welcome Rev Peter Crumpler as our Guest Writer here at the Sorted Magazine website. I first met Peter at a training event in London when I was a Communications Officer and he was the Communications Director with the Church of England. He was so knowledgeable, yet so kind and humble! Peter has been working in and with the media for more than 50 years. He is the author of ‘Responding to Post-truth’ and a keen advocate for Christians engaging with the media.

Peter writes: Where do you get your news? And what’s your favourite TV series, podcast or social media platform? How do you keep up to date with the football team you support, or get the latest update from international sporting events?

We rely on the media, in all its forms, to tell us about our world, from our doorstep to events on distant continents. We take it for granted that we can glance at our smartphones or tablets and be up-to-date with news that affects us, and videos that make us laugh.

Media matters. The media shapes our worldview and impacts how we respond to events and developments around us.

That’s why I and other members of Christians in Media, a community of Christians working in and with the media, are encouraging all churches and Christians to join in a National Day of Prayer for the Media on Sunday October 29th.

We are urging people to pray for everyone and anyone who works within media. From broadcasters, journalists, social media managers, church communicators, influencers, podcasters, radio hosts, camera operators, photographers, creatives, and so many more.

The National Day of Prayer for the Media is for the people behind each post, each news item, each story that we see on our online phones and other devices.

What might we be praying for? How about:

  • Giving thanks for all those called to serve God in the media.
  • For opportunities to build positive relationships with your local media including sharing stories of how your church is serving the community.
  • For wisdom and creativity for those in your church who manage their social media platforms, that through their content they may engage people.
  • That Christians who serve in the media may flourish in their faith and be channels of God’s love, grace and compassion.
  • That they may stand up for, and demonstrate, integrity, kindness and generosity of spirit.
  • That they may be messengers of hope, not fear, be light in the darkness, call out injustice, hold those in power to account and be a voice for those on the margins of life.
  • For strength and wisdom for journalists who face persecution in many parts of the world, as they seek to bring truthful facts and information.
  • For a young generation of Christians called to enter and lead this industry, through their passion, innovation and unique giftings.

Christians who work in the media have been submitting prayers for the National Day of Prayer for the Media. ITV News journalist and presenter Julie Etchingham, wrote:

Lord Jesus You are the word made flesh
You are both the great communicator and the great communication.

Lord, we thank you for all those you have called to serve in the world of media.
We recognise the strategic and important role that media has in our world.

Lord grant to each one:

Discernment to hear your voice
Wisdom in what to share,
Integrity in how to share,
Creativity in their sharing
Courage to stand for truth
Grace in serving you and others

May your peace, presence, light their way.
In the amazing name of Jesus.


In a world of post-truth and disinformation, the role of reliable, trusted media is vitally important. Christians have a key role to play by being involved in and with media; by encouraging and challenging the media; and by praying for its flourishing.

The National Day of Prayer for the Media on October 29th is an important opportunity for churches and Christians to get involved. Christians can also join in an online Prayer Breakfast for the Media at 8am on Thursday October 12th with Christians in senior media roles leading the prayers.

There’s more information about the National Day of Prayer for the Media, including prayer resources and ideas, at Christians in Media

Main Photo Credit: Camilo Jimenez via Unsplash

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