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NHS Property Services (NHSPS) has been focusing on keeping the art of conversation alive and well during National Conversation Week which took place from May 22nd until May 28th.

As the initiative’s name suggests, the aim is to encourage colleagues to talk with one another because, in a world increasingly shaped by technology, human conversation can sometimes take a back seat.

Suzanne Jones, Head of Learning and Development at NHSPS, explained: “These days, it’s easy to rely on social media rather than taking time out to speak to people for real. That is why NHS Property Services encourages colleagues to try and connect through talking. Conversation isn’t simply about chatting, though; it’s as much about listening. It is also about learning, understanding and sharing.”

She continued: “In the world of learning and development, conversation plays a crucial role. Discussions expand our horizons, help us obtain fresh insights, and build connections. Indeed, through discourse, knowledge and ideas are shared, and conversation is often the catalyst for personal motivation and inspiration.”

Suzanne added: “At NHS Property Services, we encourage respectful and empathetic conversation, whether it’s at one of our many National Health Service facilities, while in the office or when working from home, and in our daily lives.”

Here are three tips from NHSPS:

  • Use telephone calls as much as you can. Not only are phone conversations better for productive communication, but you can sense the tone in the other person’s voice. Conversely, messaging hinges on the perception of the reader.
  • Be specific – give enough information to ensure the other person takes in what you’re saying.
  • Body language is essential! Make sure your body language demonstrates that you’re involved in the conversation. For instance, try to establish eye contact so the other person knows you’re interested.

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Main Photo Credit: Anna Vander via Unsplash

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