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As the Sorted Magazine Team enthusiastically prepare to celebrate the one hundredth print edition, it has to be said that we’re also quietly excited about our growing online presence. Since Sorted Magazine’s Founder and CEO, Steve Legg, appointed me as the Digital Editor in 2022, I’ve watched with glowing pride as more and more new readers engage with us online. At the time of writing, the Sorted Magazine website attracts almost seven thousand visitors per month, with a current growth rate of 2.8%pcm. By my reckoning that’s potentially 84,000 visitors per year.

Visitors to the Sorted Magazine website have increased significantly.

The Sorted Magazine website is well populated with authoritative content and I’m particularly proud of our regular writers and columnists who work tirelessly to foster deep connections with our growing community of readers. We are in the world, but not of the world. We are not playing attention games, we are not a content farm publishing cheap outrage and culture wars, yet we do engage with contemporary culture in a measured, wholesome way. Our online readers can access exclusive writing from carefully selected thought leaders, guest writers, reviewers and dip into the occasional book extract. In addition to this, some of our regular print writers and columnists share bonus content, comment and opinion. Every now and then I jump on the bandwagon and add my own two penny worth.

You’ll also find Motoring Editor, Tim Barnes Clay, reporting on his regular adventures behind the wheel, plus additional bonus shots of all those gorgeous cars! Tim is one of the best journalists in his field and though his obvious love for cars and driving shines through his flawless writing, you can absolutely rely on him to tell it like it is.

Resident Sorted Film Critic, Andy Godfrey, reviews the latest movies. Readers can expect bonus content and interviews with stars such as Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in The Chosen series. If it’s on a screen somewhere Andy has seen it. His infectious enthusiasm for movies knows no bounds!

In addition to the much loved Sorted menu of culture, sport, cars, health, gadgets and movies we are very grateful to J John who generously shares his deep spiritual insights with our online readers. For me personally, J John’s accessible and authentic style of writing is such a joy to read and publish. I find myself nodding enthusiastically when I digest his deeply honest wisdom, so often borne out of his own life experience.

Join the growing community of readers at

If you find yourself becoming weary of the online world of click bait, shallow engagement, dopamine hacks and attention games, join the growing community of readers here at for a taste of something just a little bit different.

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Val Fraser

Val Fraser is a trained journalist with over 12 years’ experience working on staff in various demanding media environments. She has authored/edited thousands of articles including news, travel and features. Val has authored/contributed to nine non-fiction books. A regular columnist, she stepped up to the role of Digital Editor in September 2022 and is responsible for the Sorted Magazine website.

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