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Friendship is a profound bond that enriches our lives with love, support and laughter. A best friend is like a soulmate, someone with whom we share a deep connection and understanding. In the hopes of celebrating friendship and real life connection, the team behind social media app have explored five essential traits that make a best friend truly remarkable. From being a mirror image of ourselves to having an unwavering loyalty, these traits define the essence of a best friend and strengthen the bond that withstands the test of time.

1. A two-of-a-kind bond
One of the most remarkable aspects of a friendship is finding someone who feels like a reflection of ourselves. A best friend understands us on a level that seems almost uncanny. They share our values, passions and interests, making us feel understood and accepted. This similarity creates an unbreakable bond, enabling us to connect effortlessly, as if we are two halves of the same whole. With a best friend who is essentially our doppelganger, we feel a sense of belonging and companionship that is truly invaluable.

2. Loyalty and no judgement
Honesty and trust form the foundation of any solid friendship. A best friend is someone with whom we can be completely transparent, knowing that our deepest secrets and vulnerabilities will be kept safe. They offer a non-judgmental space for us to confide in, providing unwavering support and understanding. A best friend not only listens attentively but also offers guidance without passing judgement. Their loyalty is unwavering and we know that they will never betray our trust by sharing our secrets with others. This level of trust creates a safe haven where we can freely express ourselves, knowing that our words and feelings are held in the highest regard.

3. A great sense of humour
Laughter is a powerful elixir that binds people together. A best friend shares our sense of humour, allowing us to create endless moments of joy and hilarity. They understand our inside jokes and effortlessly contribute to the mirth. A simple glance or an inside reference is enough to ignite peals of laughter that fill the air. With a best friend who shares our humour, life becomes a continuous adventure filled with light-heartedness and laughter. They serve as a constant source of comic relief, turning even the gloomiest days into ones filled with laughter.

4. Honesty, no matter what
In a world where people often sugarcoat or avoid difficult truths, a best friend stands out by their unwavering honesty. They provide us with sincere feedback and advice, even when it might be uncomfortable to hear. A best friend’s honesty is rooted in their genuine concern for our wellbeing and personal growth. They prioritise our long-term happiness over momentary discomfort, never shying away from telling us what we need to hear. With their honesty, they help us become better versions of ourselves, offering insights and perspectives that we might have otherwise overlooked.

5. Always having your back
A true best friend is an unwavering pillar of support, whether we are physically present or not. They defend and protect our interests, advocating for us even in our absence. Their loyalty extends beyond the realms of convenience, demonstrating a genuine care for our wellbeing. A best friend is there to celebrate our successes and share our joys, but they also provide unwavering support during challenging times. They stand up for us when others criticise or doubt us, never hesitating to go to bat for our happiness and success. With their unwavering support, we gain the confidence to pursue our dreams and tackle any obstacle that comes our way.

Anna Lee, Founder at Fr.App, explained: “The greatest traits a best friend can possess contribute to a bond that surpasses ordinary friendships. From sharing an inexplicable connection to providing a safe space for vulnerability, a best friend enriches our lives in countless ways. Their unwavering loyalty, honesty and support create a foundation of trust that allows us to grow and thrive. Finding someone who embodies these remarkable traits is truly a blessing, and nurturing such a friendship is essential for personal well-being and happiness. So, cherish your best friend and celebrate the unique qualities that make them an invaluable part of your life.”

Main Photo Credit: Remi Turcotte via Unsplash

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