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Things I love about Christmas:
Turkey and cranberry sauce, slightly mad Christmas lights, food, seeing my family, food, time off work, great TV specials, food and a drop of Port with good friends, oh, and, err food!

Things I hate about Christmas:
People buying stuff they don’t need or can’t afford, presents that go straight to landfill, the over-hype of “the day”, hearing of people I know being on their own at Christmas, people who say it’s just for kids, Christmas pudding!

What do you love and hate about this time of year?
Sure, there are things that I love and hate about Christmas time like most people do, but I certainly wouldn’t ban it, like some have said that they would on Martin Lewis’s classic online poll.

Lewis said: “… 20,367 voted on whether they’d cancel Christmas if given the choice. Perhaps unsurprisingly, parents of school-age kids were most festive, with 64% of those mums and dads happy to celebrate. Of the rest of voters, 55% would choose to press the cancel Christmas button if they could. Bah humbug!”

People who want to ban it may well be in the majority, but why is that?

Maybe they are reacting to the over-hyped season of shopping?

Maybe they have a different religion, like my old neighbour who was a Jehovah’s Witness?

Maybe they have bad memories of certain events at Christmas time?

Maybe it’s an expense that they just can’t afford?

Or maybe they are just a bit grumpy?!

But for most semi-Scrooge’s, maybe they don’t realise the power of a celebration. Christmas is good for us, in fact any good holiday or celebration is good for us. But we in our British culture often just don’t celebrate very much. And some make not celebrating an art form! It always makes me laugh that anti-Christmas type people still go to Christmas parties but they sit there with a “Bah humbug” hat on while there! Or as I saw a few years ago at a posh hotel where a works party was taking place, everyone was wearing a Christmas jumper. I never saw the party as such as it was behind closed doors but one by one people were popping to the loo looking very sheepish wearing a really embarrassing jumper at a five star hotel! Their faces were a picture as they mumbled under their breath: “please don’t see me, please don’t see me” in their rush for the loo! I think they’d had an email from the boss to wear a light-up Christmas jumper, none of them were doing it by choice.

Here’s my five ways to really make the most of Christmas this year:

1. Take time to stop and think, reflect on the last year, write down the positives, learn from the negatives, then throw them away.
2. Don’t buy tit-for-tat presents for the sake of it, buy presents for those you want to, maybe even make a present or two yourself, a tin of homemade mince pies is much more meaningful than a bottle of talc! Or just send a text, have a video chat or send a card to someone you’ve lost touch with.
3. Write down a gratitude list. What are you thankful for this Christmas? It’s proven to make us feel better. Maybe also write down a task list for work too, so you can forget it and relax.
4. If you are not on call in the emergency services, then switch off your phone for a while (it’s so rare to do that these days) and put an autoresponder on your email too for a while, use it as your winter break.
5. And lastly, if you are able to go to a party or get-together, be in the moment, enjoy the random conversation, games or cheesy TV, you’ll enjoy things so much more. Just go with it. Work can and should wait every now and then.

Have a great Christmas holiday, however you chose to celebrate it. 

Main Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chad Madden 

Lee Jackson

Lee is an award-winning motivational speaker and presentation coach, and author of 12 books. Book number 13 ‘Get Good At Life’ is due out late 2022.

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