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As December draws to an inevitable close I’m reflecting back on the year. 2022 has been a productive year for me and I’ve loved creating columns for Sorted Digital. I was especially happy when the inimitable Steve Legg invited me to step up to the role of Digital Editor and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know the team. It’s difficult to choose a favourite story but here are three offerings which I really enjoyed putting together earlier in the year.

James Macintyre was so gracious and kind when I approached him about writing this story. He spoke so honestly about his struggles with mental illness in the interview with Iain Dale on LBC’s All Talk Podcast. Here’s the story again Successful and psychotic – Sorted Magazine.

Stalking a Bishop on a street level pilgrimage around Greater Manchester was a remarkable experience, made all the more memorable by the Manchester Arena bombing which took place just a few days earlier. I shall never forget the intensity of that time, my recollections are here Lest we forget… – Sorted Magazine

Paul Merson’s powerful message reached me (via the medium of television) while safely snuggled on the sofa. Perhaps I’m drawn to authenticity and Paul delivered it in spades. I just had to write about it. Read the story again here Merson on a mission – Sorted Magazine.

During 2022 I’ve enjoyed reading Chris Kerr’s diary about his newborn daughter, Thea. In case you missed it here’s one of his earlier columns The weight is over – Sorted Magazine. By my reckoning his little girl will be walking by Easter, I shall look out for Chris’s adventures in 2023!

Did you know that Steve Legg is on the wireless? Yep, every Saturday on Konnect Radio. Here’s the run down of a recent Interview: “We would find drug dealers and rob them …” – Sorted Magazine. It’s gripping stuff. His show is about an hour long which is the perfect length to listen to on my early morning run. Just kidding, I listen while pottering in the kitchen 😉

In 2023, God willing, we’ll be delivering robust journalism, fun stuff, interviews, reviews, comment and opinion from all of the above plus inspirational writers such as Jeff Lucas, Tony Vino, J John, Candy O’Donovan, Peter Martin, Mark Ames, Rami, Andy Godfrey, Bob Fraser and more. See you online at Sorted Digital in 2023!

Val Fraser

Val Fraser is a trained journalist with over 12 years’ experience working on staff in various demanding media environments. She has authored/edited thousands of articles including news, travel and features. Val has authored/contributed to nine non-fiction books. A regular columnist, she stepped up to the role of Digital Editor in September 2022 and is responsible for the Sorted Magazine website.

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