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While 50 per cent of adults in Britain may have now received their COVID-19 jabs, we should spare a thought for the billions of people around the world who are less fortunate – including many who live and work in remote and hard-to-reach places.

One organisation committed to supporting these hard to reach people is the team from the Mission Aviation Fellowship, a UK-based charity in Folkestone.

Since 21 March, MAF planes and pilots have been delivering jabs to rural healthcare workers based at remote mountainside clinics in the African state of Lesotho.

So far, MAF’s efforts have resulted in more than 200 healthcare staff being vaccinated, enabling communities in Kuebunyane, Labakeng and Matsaile to continue receiving essential support.

‘Reaching these locations by road is just too difficult,’ said MAF pilot, Grant Strugnell. ‘We are the only air service to connect these remote regions to vital medical supplies. It’s really good news these rural healthworkers were included in this round of vaccination.’

Vaughan Woodward, the charity’s International Development Manager, added: ‘While the demand for COVID-19 vaccines continues to exceed supply in the most vulnerable countries, MAF teams are doing everything they can to provide global, last-mile delivery of vaccines as quickly and safely as possible to ensure equitable access for the most isolated communities.”

Lesotho’s rural vaccine rollout is using the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca.

If you wish to find out more about MAF and its work, please click here.



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