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Russell Brand, the alternative comedian known for his quasi-intellectual quips on almost every subject known to man, is to offer his thoughts once again on 8 May – when he addresses a group of Methodists in the north east and tells them how former addicts can boost their churches.

In recent years, the comic has been on a spiritual drive, which has taken him away from our television screens and forced him to confront some of his inner demons. This has included attending a 12-Steps course specifically aimed at aiding people suffering from drug, alcohol and substance addictions.

In Brand’s case, the programme has proven to be very successful. And he believes the 12-Steps programme, and former addicts who have been put through their paces on the recovery course, can be a significant and positive influence on church life, if they are given an opportunity to do so.

‘It has given me purpose, freed me from trauma and shame,’ he wrote in his recent biography Recovery: freedom from our addictions.

‘It has given me the sanctuary that I sought from each false prophet that briefly illuminated, then stained, my using life. It has shown me that sex, drugs, fame and money are no more likely to resolve the yearning I’ve always felt than porn or biscuits.

‘If you feel that yearning and that you’ve never quite fitted into this world then you should give yourself and this programme a chance because the yearning is real, its trying to lead you home.’

The What the Church can learn from addicts event is being held online (on Zoom) and will last five hours. It costs £5 to participate.

As well as Brand, it will feature a number of Methodist speakers who will share their stories about seeing addicts being cured. Several former addicts will also share their vivid experiences.

To find out more about the event and book a ticket, please click here.



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