A post-Covid ‘manners’ guide




The clock is ticking and by my reckoning, there are 20 days to go before clubs, bars and restaurants will be allowed to swing open their doors and allow customers to enjoy their wares and services once more.

By any standards, it has been a long year. Covid has knocked Britain for six – and is continuing to rain down blows on Europe and much of the rest of the world.

Right now many Brits are considering how to spend the spring and summer months, once a bit of normality returns to our daily lives. With that in mind, the team at Groubook is offering us all an ‘etiquette guide’ – so we don’t slip up when we get that long-awaited taste of freedom..

Physical distance, hand sanitiser and masks are likely to still be common practice until the whole country has been vaccinated, and drinkers in bars and diners in restaurants will still be expected to keep their distance from one another.

‘Some people will be rearing for a night on the town, whilst others will be more cautious,’ commented Groubook’s Bradley Gough  ‘The social etiquette guide is a reminder to people as the world starts opening up again.’

So here is the guide to post Lockdown etiquette…


As people head back into venues, be considerate of any distancing guides that have been put in place, whether it’s capacity restrictions, marked areas to form a queue in, sit down at or for directing the flow of traffic.

Cover your mouth

When we inevitably get back inside the pub, it will be a good idea to get everyone to cover up their mouth when singing, or shouting in the direction of others.

Be kind

The pandemic has taught us that no one truly knows what strangers are going through privately. Hopefully being stuck in the house for such long periods has made everyone that much more considerate!


For the foreseeable future, small party-goers and pub drinkers will have to settle for cheery waves, mini dances and elbow bumps rather than hugs, handshakes and kisses.


Mask wearing is likely to continue being the norm at many venues. So be prepared to cover up when it asked of you.

Be prepared

Pack the essentials whenever you go out because sharing a lip balm in the loo will be pretty unacceptable. And bring plenty of layers so coats don’t have to be shared if it’s cold outside.

Be understanding

Continue to be understanding and accepting of people who may hesitate to join you in activities that may put their health at risk.

Book in advance

Take advantage of online booking systems and apps (like Groubook), which lets groups of friends, families or colleagues book and arrange their nights in one place, while taking advantage of discounts and rewards.



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